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Insolvency Resolution Advisory SERVICES

In full support of the recently introduced Insolvency Resolution Code 2016, we have set up an insolvency resolution Financial Advisory practice and armed ourselves with the necessary knowledge, people and wherewithal to assist stakeholders of financially stressed assets navigate the Insolvency process.

Our Best Practice make us one of the Top Financial Advisory Firm in India, While some of our partners are registered insolvency professionals, qualified to manage the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process, our Insolvency Resolution Service team offers comprehensive services to all stakeholders' i.e Corporate Debtors, Operational Creditors, Financial Creditors and insolvency resolution applications under insolvency resolution processes.

We are competent to assist them under the other facets of the Process

Insolvency Resolution Process

  • Seasoned professionals with experience in managing sick and stressed businesses
  • Focused team managing compliances
  • Valuation experts
  • Forensic investigation experts
  • Auditing and assurance team
  • Dedicated Taxation and comliance team
  • M & A Advisory team with expertise in bid evaluations